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I like the fact that that MCF Recruitment only work with the better energy brokers in the North East. This filled me full of confidence as I do pride myself on my ethical approach to my role. Joanne found me the perfect opportunity with a good company, better money and a career rather than a job.

I feel like I was treated like a person looking for a job by Michael. He listened to me and what I wanted to do. I have spoken to other recruitment people previously who just want to get you placed and make money. Michael took the time to find me exactly the right workplace and I have now been there for 2 years and am loving it to this day.


As an experienced Business Development Manager, I feel that when recruiters call me, they don't full understand what I do day to day. Anna took the time to get to know me, what I do and my style of working before sending me out to her Clients. This approach was perfect, I wasn't a number or a statistic, and I accepted a job somewhere that I have always wanted to work. Really grateful. 



I was getting really frustrated looking for opportunities as part of a career change. Michael sat down with me and helped me to think of myself in a different way, at my transferrable skills and what I can offer to a role that matched my skill set but not experience. I was thrilled to be offered a role in the IT sector that I love!



After being made redundant from a previous marketing role, I finding it really difficult to find something else that suited me and what I have done to date. Michael didn't have anything available so he went out of his way to  find a new Client that was able to offer me a new challenge and opportunity. 


I had just qualified from my Apprenticeship when I saw a role that MCF Recruitment were advertising. I didn't think that I would be experienced enough for the role but thought that I would speak to Anna for some feedback. They were able to get me an interview and some work experience with the employer who I now work for almost 2 years later. 


was working in sales in the energy sector but wasn't enjoying the job but I really liked the industry. I spoke to Michael and Joanne at MCF and they were able to speak to a Client who gave me the chance to get some experience with them in the accounts team. I didn't get a job with them but I did with another energy company that I have now been with since before lockdown and am about to start a Degree in Finance with them. 



MCF Recruitment were able to help me find the next step in my career within the energy industry. I couldn't be happier and more thankful to a great set of people. 

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