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  • Michael Coulthard

5 Ways to Get Your CV Noticed...

Introductions are Key

It’s really tempting to go crazy with listing your accomplishments left, right and centre, however, you need to remember that introductions are key. Introduce yourself, summarize your career highlights, but don’t fall into the trap of bloating your intro. Include essential information like your name, a general location, contact details etc. Bonus tip, tailor your introduction to fit the requirements of the company you’re applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position in a factory, having a bio/introduction set for the care industry won’t make much sense to the recruiter.

Education DOES Matter

Once you have your introduction out of the way, you can use this CV structure to dive into your educational background. Your high school education can be essential, but try to lean more on your university experience or any training or qualifications you have taken on and what you learned from them. When you structure a CV, include extracurricular activities you took part in, or even go the extra mile and include relevant training. This is what’s going to make you stand out.

Make Your Skills Stand Out

By now, we’re sure everyone is aware, nobody has the time to read a CV filled with information that doesn’t really apply and feels like an essay (especially when the competition is fierce). Use this CV structure and try to summarize your skills by using bullet points or lists, making for a much cleaner and quicker read.

Don’t Forget Experience

Regardless of whether your previous experience was paid or unpaid, ensure you include it when you structure your CV. Try to also tailor this section by listing relevant experience and describing your previous roles. Any experience can be used to pick apart skills that you gained and developed during this time. Employers like to see that you are an active member in the community so volunteering experience is always great to mention on your CV.

Hype Your Achievements

Hype yourself up! If you don’t do it, nobody is going to do it for you. Mention your most relevant achievements, like personal projects and competitions you may have won. Even if it was something you did years ago, it all adds to the story of who you are.

In some cases, companies will definitely look out for things that will help them decide the clear winner between two very similar CVs, so this CV structure is essential. Using Key Words will also help you stand out when companies use automated CV systems to scan for information that they as a company find desirable. Focus on the skills you used for each of your accomplishments, experiences etc. Build a story of who you are, your CV represents you and your capabilities.

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