• Michael Coulthard

Corona Virus...

Who would have thought that the first post on our brand new website would be about something as serious and downbeat as the Corona Virus, people getting sick, others being made redundant, with the worst yet to come?

Well at MCF Recruitment we like to stay as positive as we can and can assure all of our Clients, Candidates and Suppliers that we are very much business as usual. Both Joanne and I are remote working, we have very clean workspaces and have decided it is in both of our best interests to self-isolate for at least 7 days.

What this gives us is the opportunity to build our business and to do what we are best at... recruiting. It goes without saying that we will be keeping everyone updated, the blog will be added to and we will be speaking to all of our Clients and Suppliers at regular intervals with business updates.

Stay safe everyone!

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