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  • Michael Coulthard


Well, what a year it has been up to now!

Firstly, all of us here at MCF Recruitment hope that you and yours are all safe and well. It is scary to think that we have had to adapt not only our work lives but also our home lives due to this awful pandemic for almost a year but with an end in sight, we cannot take our foot off the gas, so please please please remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE.

I have personally tried to take as many positives from this period as possible. The biggest positive is most definitely bittersweet. Captain Sir Tom Moore. This man has made me proud to be a human being, as has every single person that supported him in raising over £32,000,000. Take a moment to reflect on that. Thirty two million pounds. An incredible amount of money raised by an incredible man towards an incredible cause - our overburdened NHS at the time when it most needed it. RIP Captain Sir Tom!!!

Back in November MCF Recruitment had our first birthday. In what has been a tough year, we have achieved a great deal of success. In such challenging times, we are fortunate to still be here as a business, growing and adding additional services - Kickstart! We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Harsav on this project and are aiming to help as many businesses as we can to rebuild, grow and thrive, and as many young people back into the workplace as we possibly can. Take a look at for more info.

In the coming weeks, our blog will be updated regularly with business updates and insights, interview tips, CV preparation etc. Our Social Media channels are going to be bursting from the seams too, so for interesting, fun content, please make sure you follow us.

Signing off for now, stay safe!


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