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Week 3 in the Big Brother Hou........

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope everyone is safe, well and staying home!

Mental Health Awareness is something very close to our hearts and we feel is extremely important especially at a time like this. If anyone is struggling or if anyone feels isolated, please pick up the phone for a chat, reach out, text us. Alternatively, have a look at

As we approach the end of the third week of isolation, we just wanted to give all of our Clients, Candidates and Viewers a little bit of an update, what we have been up to and what we will be doing over the next week or two (pending Government updates).

On the back of Joanne’s insightful and personal Blog post last week, I wanted to do the same for the business. We certainly have not been sunbathing!

Our website is now officially finished (for now) and we are very happy with it. No doubt it will be added to as we go, but for the moment it is pretty much what we wanted to achieve, and we built it ourselves (pat on the back for us). All updates and new roles and updates will be added as soon as they arrive.

We are naturally disappointed to see the amount of people being made redundant not only in our region, but nationally. Not to get overly political, but the Government Furlough scheme should be utilised as intended rather than making people redundant, terminating probation periods etc. We have been doing our utmost to help the people that have been in touch, we have action plans in place, have been speaking to our Clients in preparation for “normality” and we have been reviewing and updating CV’s like crazy. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU NEED HELP!

Our Social Media is also being reviewed at the moment. This is an area we have been very active with, but we want to be better! We have some CPD activity booked in with ITEC North East -, have a look at their website, free distance learning is an ideal cabin fever reliever! Their Digital Promotion for Business is ideal at this stage for us and we are very excited to say the least!

We now also have Trustpilot and Tik Tok. More to follow on this – work in progress! Please feel free to give us a follow on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn too and why not hit the SUBSCRIBE button on our website to receive our Newsletter and business updates, go to, scroll down and subscribe!

Please, please, please stay safe. Stay home. Come back bigger, better and stronger!

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