• Joanne Graydon

📢 Week One of Lockdown Completed📢

I couldn't ever have imagined that I would want to tell a story about something as simple as going for a walk but as it seems that everything is so alien to us all right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt as though I just had to document my thoughts!

So, I ventured outside to go for a walk and to pick up essential items. It was the first time I had been out in a week and it left me with mixed feelings and also feeling a variety of emotions.

Just before I left my house, I had spoken to my granddaughter on the phone (she's almost 4). She said "Can I come and see you today?" Her mam said "You can't see her yet, remember, I told you why" My granddaughter said "Aww yeah, there's nasty bugs out there now you know"

💔My heart felt broken 💔

I left my house and as I was walking out of my estate, I saw lots of pictures of rainbows that children had displayed on their windows!

🌈 I felt a sense of hope 🌈

I continued my walk and observed how people in general were respectful and were following the 2 metre distancing recommendation. I crossed the road several times just to avoid coming into close contact with anyone as did others who were out walking

📏I felt proud that people were doing the right thing 📏

I went into my local shop which was almost empty. I managed to get the items that I needed and stood waiting to be served, making sure to keep at a safe distance from anyone else. More people entered the stop and they showed a complete disregard for other people's safety so I quickly paid and left.

😞😡 I felt disappointed and angry 😡 😞

I then received a photo of my grandson in his garden on a little trike followed by another of him sitting on a play mat full of toys. He is 11 months old!

💔My heart broke again 💔

I was emotionally exhausted 🤪

I know for sure that I will appreciate family so much more and that I will never take things for granted once we all make it through this crisis safe and well 🙂

I will be scheduling video calls into my daily routine from now on until we can all see other face to face again 🎥 I have even downloaded a new app so that we can all communicate together.

As for my role in Recruitment at MCF Recruitment, I am carrying on as I was before, although there may have been some slight changes along the way 🤷

As a business, we are still bringing new clients on-board and we are still helping job-seekers secure new roles, not only in the North East, but throughout the UK.

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